Clients hangs after a couple of hours on Windows 8

Started by Close At Hand

Close At Hand Lv 1

I run a single Windows client on a Windows 8 PC and if I leave it minimized for a couple of hours then when I open it it is routinely "Not responding". Not sure what additional information I can provide to help triage this.

auntdeen Lv 1

Is this running puzzle 670?

Or any puzzle? Main or devprev? And just since the last update, or before?

Close At Hand Lv 1

I run devprev, but this has been happening for weeks, certainly since before the last update, possibly since I bought myself a new PC in December (and thus migrated to Windows 8). It is not specific to 670. I'll try puzzle 669 and leave it running a script overnight.

bertro Lv 1

Hey, don't worry.

It is "always" like that for me. At least once a day all my 3-4 running clients will crash with that winpro7 message. Even with having always all drivers, Foldit clients and winpro7 uptodate.

I tried a while back to post log files and info but it seems I was in the minority of those having problems. I stopped posting that kind of feedback… :(

It does not stop me from playing and makes for a neat way to stop recipes at a random place and allows me to start something new :))

Please understand this is not a critique but a simple fact statement.

I love Foldit in either case (stable or not).

Close At Hand Lv 1

When I was running FoldIt on Windows 7 it was rock solid and never crashed. I was running 4 clients with 4 separate installs. If you try to run multiple clients from the same directory it will crash all the time. That's why I mentioned I only have a single client running.