Carriage Return in chat window

Started by Enzyme

Enzyme Lv 1

Using a carriage return(shift+enter) in the chat window causes all text following it to not be displayed to other players.
This is frequently used in many chat programs to separate ideas without needing multiple posts.

Formula350 Lv 1

Correct. There's a fix for it but sadly it's "stuck" in the Quality of Life build, which is still being debugged itself, as it still has a few non-trivial bugs to sort out. (which even then, that build will still need to be gone over to make sure that's all good, and no other glaring issues are still lurking)

Trust me, I don't know exactly how much chat I "lost" to the void of the internet due to this problem before I realized (only thanks to Discord chat relay) that my messages were not fulling sending. It surely doesn't help when on the sender's side, it displays the whole message :(

Which on the note of "showing up fine sender's side"… There's also a problem where if you type too MUCH, that extra text gets lost, just as messages with a line break :( AT the default chat window size, it's basically if your name is out of the viewport when you send your message, there's a fair chance what you've sent will be cut short. THIS also got me for so many months! (but its fix is also tied up in the QoL update…)

If you're a Discord user, this isn't so bad since you can quickly reference, if your message was sent to Global or Veteran, and then just re-type in game, what didn't make it. If you're chatting in GROUP though, there's no relay so you just have to send a courtesy "If my message didn't end with then let me know".