Can't connect to chat

Started by akorpacz

akorpacz Lv 1

Cannot connect to global chat and whenever I click reconnect on the chat I just get the red icon that says "You seem to have been disconnected from IRC."

Any suggestions?

marie_s Lv 1

If you are at WPI university, all one IP group have been banned yesterday for a while after some players send pictures of all their solved tutorials.
If most of the hundred of students doing their homework are well behaved, some are very annoying and this can lead to the ban of an IP.
You can connect now.

Just take care to avoid to send pictures of solved tutorials.
This is very annoying for the players and take place in the server.
You can save pictures of your puzzle on your desktop without annoying anyone and your performance at the game is in your personal page.

Remember that hundreds of students begin in foldit in this part of the year.

Global chat is a space for all players so take care to respect the guidelines you can find on this site.
Even if most players are happy to give you some tips, please:

  • Read carefully all the explanations,
  • Reset and redo,
  • Don't overthink.
    Many tips are in the wiki.