Bug in "Hello Blueprint"

Started by Thai Leong Lai

Thai Leong Lai Lv 1

Dear Foldit team,

I am writing to you to report a bug in the offline campaign, "Hello Blueprint". It showed a message, i.e. "Puzzle file cmp-resources-3d90fb93469d2ed575c5a7eb29dde1 a4Vesources\levels/0000000901.1r_puzzle.puzzle_setup appears to be corrupted. Please try again.".

I look forward to your reply. Thank you.


Thai Leong Lai

luxin66 Lv 1

I have been solved this bug:
Open 0000000901.ir_puzzle.puzzle_setup with text editor(such as:NotePad++),
cleear all line.
version: 1
"enable_blueprint": "1"
"use_rama_map" : "1"
save file.
reopen foldit and play hello blueprint.
That's OK!

luxin66 Lv 1

maybe you can replace 0000000901.ir_puzzle.puzzle_setup with my suplied file(delete the .txt first).
or delete 0000000901.ir_puzzle.puzzle_setup, duplicate 0000001023.ir_puzzle.puzzle_setup, change 0000001023.ir_puzzle.puzzle_setup to 0000000901.ir_puzzle.puzzle_setup.