Bug in global score calculation

Started by infjamc

infjamc Lv 1

For some reason, the "Top Group/Evolver/Soloist This Week" list is showing the all-time score for me right now. Is this happening to anyone else? (On a side note: this could be turned into a real feature if people ask for it.)

Madde Lv 1

Yes, same for me.
I think it would be more useful than this weeks score (that is usually only the last two puzzles).

auntdeen Lv 1

This is so much better than top for the week - it explains to newer people why some vets are so well respected (even if they do not play as frequently as they once did).

BootsMcGraw Lv 1

This bug has come up, before. Easily fixed by the game developers.

But I still like the idea (and not just because I'm close to the top of both lists). It reads like a veritable yearbook of FoldIt actives and alumni.

Ah, the good ol' days, when AHAP and RDF ruled the world. Stephen Pletsch, aap, g_s, disposableheart, monteecristo… where have all the masters gone?

spmm Lv 1

all time - seems a bit pointless if it is a cumulative score, ie just adding them up since foldit started? The longer you play the higher your score

CharlieFortsConscience Lv 1

The notion of having a so-called Hall of Fame has come up before, and I've always felt it would be right to showcase an 'overall contribution' that Folderers make to this endeavour. The 'Best xxxx this week' links only have a value in checking whether the scores are functioning correctly (and to be honest, we all know they occasionally dont). They're easily expendable, and could be replaced with Total Cumulatives.

Or, retain the weekly links, but add a Hall of Fame link to the right hand box, that defaults to a Solo Total page, with Group Total and Evolver Total options to the righthand side.

infjamc Lv 1

It's not an either/or issue– all it takes is adding an extra link to show both the all-time score and the weekly score.

infjamc Lv 1

The issue appears fixed now– the three listings of weekly scores are all below 200 as of today.

spmm Lv 1

I think a Hall of Fame would be good - for each month or quarter, showing the top soloist, evolver and group for that period, since the beginning of time… Important to ensure that it was calculated without any of the beta puzzle scores as well :-)