assign to needed for comments

Started by LennStar

LennStar Lv 1

If you want to comment on a feedback entry or open a new one, you have to fill out "assign to".

As it is not possible, this is my reply on , please copy it after solving the problem:

its way better to include another global "chat" chat.

I don't know what Brick sees as not-nothingness, since I don't remember I ever have read him in the chat, but that would give the "a chat is for chatting" half a place and leave the "a chat is for announcing" half their empty chat.

Yes, it's a bit ironicaly written, but I mean it.

Brick Lv 1

Chat should be for things like helping newbies, giving assistance "how do I center the protein after it disappears off the screen". help with new features, and communicating with the admin/dev team if they are there. It should be for game related talk. Groups can use their group chat to keep the intra-team blather off the main chat.

As it is now, Global chat is an endless stream of crap, most of it having nothing to do with the game, totally overwhelming any valid content. Maybe they need to have their an AOL chat-room, it's about the right level of audience over there, and it will keep it off the game chat.

Brick Lv 1

Oh, and you can any useless string of text in the Assign to: it doesn't seem to make any difference other than letting you "submit"