After saving solution and Exiting foldit having a hang-up and after restarting my last saved solution was gone too!

Started by WBarme1234

WBarme1234 Lv 1

After Saving my solution (Puzzle 1020 - Soloist Best 19 ) under Menu-SaveSolution
appeared the ok.-Box, then I was exiting Foldit by right top X (rsp. Save and Exit) then Foldit hang-up
and I had to kill the task (windows7).
My own saved solution for puzzle 1020 (ranking 19) Aug. 02 after 14hxx UTC
was also gone after restarting Foldit! Tried all UNDO Restore function -> nothing helped!
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Now I'm trowed back on Best 28, I wont redo the whole work again!!

RyeSnake Lv 1

Mine as well on puzzle 1119 - made error and got red line. Now will not return to orig score before even after closing. Guess I'm done with this puzzle ;<

Susume Lv 1

@WBarme1234: Were you using a different track? In the undo menu, click tracks, and see if there is anything in the list besides "default". If so, open the other tracks and try Restore Very Best in each.

If your high score is not in another track, under Menu, Open/Share Solutions, in the Local Solution list, do you see your saved solution? If not, click "Show Auto and Quick Saves". Look for one called "Autosaved Very Best Soloist Solution." Does this have your best score in it?

@RyeSnake: if you have a red line through your score on 1119, you probably created a cut point. At the top of the screen under the score, click the white triangle next to "Conditions" to see the cause of the red line. A cut point shows somewhere in the protein as a yellow or blue band in the backbone. If you have not moved your protein since creating the cut point, it should be yellow (ready to close) and you can click on the yellow to close it and get your prior score back.

WBarme1234 Lv 1

Hello to @all & @Susume,

I'm not using tracks; I checked; it stands on 'default'.

As I wrote already: under saved solution my very last solution and
maybe some more are not showing up anymore.

It seems more to me, that how the information is going to be saved is the problem itself:
do you have any description how this exiting and saving has been done?
Like: overwriting the files on progressing way instead correctly writing to a new file and
then renaming after succesful ending of Foldit?

I must run Foldit always with 'Network timeout disabled' - Rem: because i'm outside the USA -
otherwise Foldit would not run properly/good to play,
this seems also to create my problem when exiting Foldit, while internet timing problems with the server

  • might attempting to reconnect several times in Foldit?

I found under \foldit 510! items & following file might could match my missing solution:
How do I open this file under foldit: puzzle_2000995_time_1438522827.ir_solution

Do U have a cleanup tool for the folder \foldit and their subdirs? Or just reinstall a clean Foldit?


jeff101 Lv 1

Foldit should be able to read the *ir_solution files for the puzzle you are working on. You can copy these from Foldit client to client, even onto a client on a different machine, if you want. The dates and sizes of these files should help you find the right ones. Structures you have downloaded have filenames starting with numbers, like 0316236526.ir_shared_solution.ir_solution. You can also open these *ir_solution files in NotePad or WordPad. Some parts are in plain English.

You really should look in the auto and quicksaves for your puzzle. Many recipes save these as they run. You can find the autosave and quicksave files in your Foldit directory inside the puzzles/002000995/useridnumber/default directory. They will also appear in the Open/Share Solutions menu under Local Solutions if you click the button to display auto and quicksaves.