884b shares crash client on load in selection interface, OK in original

Started by LociOiling

LociOiling Lv 1

For puzzle 884b, 3 shares crashed my clients with a "seqpos <= size()" error. The debug.txt file mentioned the "selection interface" as the "current tool".

On a hunch, switching to the original interface allowed me to load these shares.

The shares were created by team members who use the original interface.

The shares have been shared with scientists with a reference to this feedback.

Sample debug.txt:

version: 1
"build_id" : "20140425-50ca27ec2a-win_x86-devprev"
"crash_id" : "ce4753ce-1271-415a-8dca-5dbbd61de7ec"
"current_actions" : ""
"current_tool" : "Selection Interface"
"file" : "core/conformation/Conformation.hh:306"
"machine_id" : "303d59a5-c335-4763-815b-877e3ccb006f"
"macro_id" : "-1"
"message" : "seqpos <= size()"
"player_id" : "476462"
"puzzle_id" : "997612"
"puzzle_running_time" : "254"
"running_time" : "40480.9"
"timestamp" : "1399520009"

LociOiling Lv 1

A couple of more points I overlooked earlier.

First, after loading one of the shares in question using the original interface, I'm able to switch to the selection interface and continue normally.

Second, I'm able to download the shared solution to "local solutions". It's only when I try to load it into the game that the crash occurs. The crash occurs regardless of whether I load from shared solutions or local solutions.

I'm of course also able to other load solutions from my team members normally without regard to the interface they use.