723 Spinning Segment 1

Started by brow42

brow42 Lv 1

Take any restart of 723. Make a cutpoint anywhere (segment N). Attempt to pull any loose end. Segments 1-N will jump sideways out of the protein (even if not being pulled.) Same if you rebuild (even if rebuild is > N).

For fun: Make a cut at 3. Local wiggle 1-3. 1-3 will spin forever. Disable backbone makes it spin smooth and fast.

This is preventing me from using cutpoints normally on this puzzle. I may be able to work around by keeping 1-2 cut.

Using Main client.

grogar7 Lv 1

Same thing happened to me after cutting and attempting local wiggle on segments numbered higher than cut location. This even occurred after freezing all structures except the short loop (segments 39-42) and cutting between seg 38 and seg 39.

Madde Lv 1

I made a video of the bug:

Also I uploaded the structure used in the video under the name "723 - spinning segments"

beta_helix Staff Lv 1

This one is easily reproducible so we hope to be able to figure out what is going on with it soon.
It might be related to this bug:


As brow42 pointed out, the workaround for this puzzle is to keep 1-2 cut… this seems to get rid of the issue

beta_helix Staff Lv 1

Just wanted to let you know that we believe that we have finally tracked down this very annoying bug, and the fix should be in the next devprev update (which will be posted very soon).