492 is poised for release... 490 just went to Gallery View mid action

Started by CharlieFortsConscience

CharlieFortsConscience Lv 1

Before you release 492

490 just died mid-wiggle, with the message 'Your current puzzle changed to Gallery phase. Please stop current action and re-enter'


Madde Lv 1

I've got a message in my 491: "Your current puzzle changed to Gallery phase. Would you like to re-enter the puzzle?"
My 487 and 490 are still running scripts.

steveB Lv 1

All puzzles on the game menu are showing as gallery puzzles - something's gone wrong somehwere

beta_helix Staff Lv 1

sorry about that, this should hopefully be fixed now.
Please re-open this feedback if we missed a puzzle.

spmm Lv 1

just opened foldit after closing it 12hours ago, have quit the program twice and reopened, all still gallery puzles.

spmm Lv 1

sorry, running main, not dev(beta) refreshing the list didn't help either - nice idea galleries

Hanto Lv 1

I tried looking up ' Gallery Phase ' on this Feedback before posting this, and only found ONLY this rather fresh entry, so I think possibly we all might need further understanding of exactly what ' Gallery Phase ' means.
All this begs the question, Why did it happen to begin with?? I woke up to find the same as above on all puzzles on multiple machines. Whatever fixed the issue also seems to have let me simply exit the Gallery Phase in the midst of which the puzzles were still processing, so no apparent loss of score or time. But the surprise was somewhat uncalled for. It would be nice to get a few answers, not merely fixes, when asked for.
Other then that, I'm glad it happened after I went to bed, rather then just before, because my rather tired body and mind would not have been very happy having to come to Feedback and reporting it while still in a vacuum concerning if it was affecting others or not. My mind immediately told me it was, as it affected more then one of my machines, but my emotions might not have been so easily satisfied.