2059 small molecule.

Started by alcor29

spvincent Lv 1

Agreed. This is crashing all the time for me on Linux. Not in a reproducible way either: it's happened on deleting an atom, making a double bond, adding a functional group, stopping wiggle, etc. Also these crashes seem to leave things in an indeterminant state: trying to restart the puzzle can cause several subsequent crashes until eventually it reloads.

rmoretti Staff Lv 1

We're looking into the crash logs which get reported to the server, but if you can provide more information about the crashes, that would help.

In particular, if you can figure out a repeatable way to get the crashes, that will help us track things down.

Failing that, if you have any error information from the crashes in your log.txt and debug.txt files in your working directory, that would help. As would further details regarding what sort of things you're doing when you get the crashes.

spvincent Lv 1

As mentioned above it's irreproducible.

Sample sequence: starting from (scientist-shared) 19280

1) Select the methyl group between R46 and F15
2) Change it to an oxygen.
3) Crash (see log_a.txt)
4) Restart Foldit and try and play the puzzle.
5) Crash. Log file looks like this.

args passed:
args used:
interactive.application.shared.HotkeyTable: {0} We're loading in the hotkeys
interactive.application.shared.HotkeyTable: {0} We loaded in the hotkeys
Can't open audio device.

6) Repeat 5) several times. Eventually it loads.