20201120-8f78be34c4-win_x86-devprev Script edit indicator remains 'on'

Started by Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park Lv 1


When editing a script, adding text and then not saving but instead opening another script yields the known popup saying edits will be lost. They are indeed, as they should be, lost, but the 'edited' indicator for the previously edited script remains red and 'starred' as if it was still being edited. This is a bug.

Formula350 Lv 1

This is a known issue –or at least, I'd let Josh know a few months ago heh– but is actually a very old bug.

The difference between now and pre-QoL, is that now those unsaved edited recipes display bright Red in addition to the [*] suffix at the end of the name, and therefore stand out. Whereas prior, they only included the suffix… which often times is out of view if the recipe's name is too long.

(I've changed the report's Type field to "Bug", instead of "DevPrev Issue".)