1054; Ligand display; display issues while using isosurface

Started by Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park Lv 1

The ligand becomes near invisible when turning on isosurface in View. It is obscured by undefined blobs and black spots that do not add in any way to the visibility. This seems a bug to me. This has happened within minutes on several machines. This should have been detected in testing ? Shared as 'isosurfacebug' with scientists.

egran48 Lv 1

Originally my isosurface was the same as Bletchly Park with dark black blobs etc.Now it has completely disappeared from the screen. Shift Q centres the protein but not the isosurface. I've looked both right and left 'Off the screen' I have tried turning the isosurface on and off in view but it wont come back.

bob1928 Lv 1

I would like to request a much smaller version of this puzzle type if possible. I think it would help with debugging and help players to develop strategies and scripts to work on it.