New Foldit tool for structure prediction: Predicted Contacts

Started by beta_helix

beta_helix Staff Lv 1

We're introducing a new tool for protein structure prediction in Foldit: Predicted Contacts!

A Contact Map will be available in some puzzles under the Actions tab (Original Interface) or the Main menu (Selection Interface), similarly to an Exploration Puzzle.

A grid of residue-residue pairs represents the contacts that exist in your current solution (black) and a set of "predicted contacts" (blue); a darker blue color means there is stronger evidence for a contact prediction.

Click on a point in the grid to highlight that pair of residues in your solution:

A score multiplier increases whenever you bring together two residues that make a predicted contact:

The contact predictions are determined by Baker Lab scientists who use covariance analysis to identify pairs of residues that tend to evolve together. Because this analysis requires a large number of related sequences, contact predictions will only be available for a select puzzles.

We are excited about this new Foldit tool, as it will allow you to participate in the Contact-assisted category at CASP:

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below!