Changes to feedback

Started by katfish

katfish Staff Lv 1

Greetings everyone! We're happy to announce a few changes coming down the pipe. We're making some updates to the feedback section which will help improve communication between us all as we work together to tackle bugs and make improvements to the game. With that, here’s what we have in mind:

Two states: Open and Closed
The current feedback system functions so that everyone on the Foldit team can change the status of a feedback as it is being worked on. However, the many different classifications can be unclear and inconsistent. In order to resolve this, we propose creating two states: open and closed. Feedbacks that are marked open would continue to have notes from both devs and the players until it is finally resolved and marked as closed. A feedback will only be closed once the change is live in devprev, meaning all players can verify the fix.

How would this impact feedbacks that are currently open? Any feedback with states other than closed, done, or resolved will be marked as open.

Four types of feedback: suggestion, question, bug, and devprev issue
Going forward we’d also like to focus on four different feedback topics, three of which you are familiar with and one of which is brand new. This new type is called devprev issue and is aimed at gathering feedback around issues related specifically to devprev. This will enable us to better differentiate between bugs which may focus on a variety of areas (like the website for instance) and issues specific to devprev.

Another update in the works is related to task assignments. We track work items very thoroughly through our internal bug tracking system and that includes assigning tasks out to each of us. This means we’re not always the best at keeping things consistent between our internal system and the Foldit feedback section. This is especially true when task responsibilities are updated or changed. In order to keep the best track of who owns what, we’ll handle assignments solely through our internal system going forward.

Priority assignments
Feedback priority is more than just a number and will be assigned in our internal tracking system going forward.

Thanks for reading, everyone. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment.