Foldit Standalone Quickstart Guide

Licensing and Downloading

  1. Visit
  2. Select "Order Now" under "Foldit Standalone Academic License" on the right.
  3. Click "Checkout Now" and follow prompts to obtain a license for Foldit.
  4. You will receive an email with instructions to access the download page.
  5. Select the "Foldit Standalone" download link for your platform.


If you use Foldit Standalone in your work, please cite:

Robert Kleffner, Jeff Flatten, Andrew Leaver-Fay, David Baker, Justin B. Siegel, Firas Khatib and Seth Cooper. Foldit Standalone: a video game-derived protein structure manipulation interface using Rosetta. Bioinformatics 2017 btx283.


To load in files, choose the "Import PDB/FASTA" button when the program starts. Then select (at least) a ".pdb" or ".fasta" file. The program determines file types by their extension. Depending on the other files you select, different session features will be enabled. For example, selecting a ".density" file will enable electron density.

Here are a few example setups. For each example, you will need to select all files with the same base filename for import. Here are some example Rosetta Script files: repack_no_design.xml, repack_design.xml (these may take up to a minute or two to complete).

Help and Troubleshooting