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Thank you for joining us and trying Foldit!

1. Getting Started
2. Handy Tips
3. Most Importantly

Getting Started

Download the original Foldit app on the main Foldit page.

-Please remember Foldit is used by students of all ages. Please pick an appropriate user name.

-The game is much easier with a mouse than with a trackpad. We highly recommend using a external mouse.

-If you don’t have access to chat channels, it’s probably because your instructor has turned them off.

-These are the community rules ( which help keep Foldit a great place to play and learn. If your instructor didn’t mention these, you probably should read these before diving into chat.

Handy Tips

-Foldit is a game about learning and scientific discovery. While it's not an easy game, hundreds of thousands of people with no experience or training in science have been trying out and playing Foldit for years. You can do it!

-If you are stuck on a tutorial please reset the tutorial and try again. All the tutorials contain everything you need. You just have to read them very closely.

-For even more information, be sure to check out the wiki ( there is a lot of great info there, tips, tricks, info about structures, as well as videos for an entire biochemistry class if you want to learn more!

-If you are wondering about protein folding and why is it important, look here ( We are glad you asked, because it is great to have some context with what you are doing.

Most Importantly- have fun!

Having issues? Email


Developed by: UW Center for Game Science, UW Institute for Protein Design, Northeastern University, Vanderbilt University Meiler Lab, UC Davis
Supported by: DARPA, NSF, NIH, HHMI, Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, Boehringer Ingelheim, RosettaCommons