Global Soloist Rank: #1534
Global Soloist Score: 0

Soloist Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
376 (<15): Design the Interface 3334,553110/27/10
375 (<15): Beginner Interface Puzzle109,0357710/27/10
263: Alignment Freestyle728,590102/25/10
262: Quest to the Native 172710,0923102/25/10
261: Double Helix 31210,6497002/23/10
260 (<150): Quest to the Native 1618,98210002/20/10
260: Quest to the Native 16328,9362302/20/10
259 (<15): Mini-CASP 15 - Multi-start49,3035602/16/10
105: Loop Out of Place2419,906111/15/08
87: Zinc Binding Protein2098,000109/28/08
73: Polycystein2019,077108/17/08
CASP8 T0469 Start 12138,895108/07/08
70: Nucleosome Protein1169,837407/31/08
69: Scorpion Toxin939,1151007/31/08
68: Bos taurus1819,244107/29/08
CASP8 T0461 Start2 Re-test1510,6325607/28/08
CASP8 T0492 Start 4 Re-test699,111207/28/08
CASP8 T0492 Start 3 Re-test1338,828107/28/08
67: Integrase1349,453607/27/08
CASP8 T0453 Start2 Re-test1419,471107/27/08
CASP8 T0461 Refinement Start1811,2727507/25/08
CASP8 T0453 Refinement Start1549,7911607/24/08
CASP8 T0453 Refinement Start2899,519107/24/08
66: Cytochrome39,6389607/24/08
65: Short Puzzle469,5461207/21/08

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