Global Soloist Rank: #1399
Global Soloist Score: 0

Soloist Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
748: CASP ROLL R0039: Hand-folding Round1628,233107/22/13
749: Unsolved Salmonella Bacteriophage: Server Starts1879,215107/22/13
744: Revisiting Puzzle 65: Short Puzzle709,6155007/13/13
740: Unsolved Salmonella Bacteriophage: Freestyle Round 21559,359207/09/13
742: 65 Residue Trimer Design1747,176107/09/13
738: De-novo Freestyle 26: Hand-folding Round1608,575107/08/13
741b: Blind Electron Density 9; Now with Templates!1089,933307/08/13
741 (OLD): Blind Electron Density 9; Now with Templates!1218,266007/08/13
739: Revisiting Puzzle 64: Thioredoxin17510,629907/07/13
735: Player-Solution Loop Redesign: Round 21479,744207/02/13
736: Revisiting Puzzle 63: Spinach Protein12210,0722607/02/13
737: Unsolved Salmonella Bacteriophage: Freestyle Hand-folding Round1868,929207/02/13
733b: Revisiting Puzzle 60: Beta Barrel11211,2962106/25/13
731b: Unsolved Chicken Anemia Virus Protein1129,9001906/23/13
734: Player-Solution Loop Redesign1389,615206/22/13
Beginner Puzzle: Killer Toxin1659,326106/20/13
732: Quick De-novo Freestyle 25: Round 21589,120106/20/13
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Killer Toxin149,4967406/19/13
731: Unsolved Chicken Anemia Virus Protein (CLOSED and reposted as 731b)829,899006/19/13
729 (<150): Revisiting Puzzle 59: TCR Binding Protein379,0221206/18/13
722: Design the Core Round 221313,905106/01/13
713: 5-year-anniversary puzzle: 201114813,179405/22/13
716 (<150): Two chains of Insulin Mutant78,6727905/22/13
714: 5-year-anniversary puzzle: 20121596,121705/14/13
Beginner Puzzle: Turkey Egg Lysozyme1859,773105/12/13

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