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Global Soloist Score: 0


Name: Parclytaxel
Location: Singapore
Started Folding: 06/25/11
My Homepage:
About me:

A student at the NUS High School of Mathematics and Science who happens to love things as diverse as My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and cellular automata!

Group: Androids


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Soloist Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
545 (<150): Beginner Flu Puzzle 3910,1667404/25/12
548: Pre-CASP blind Alignment Puzzle 1878,4651704/25/12
544: Electron Density Puzzle 8b1818,759104/21/12
546: Quest to the Alignment Puzzle2897,820104/21/12
541: RosettaServer CASP ROLL R001817110,760204/15/12

Evolver Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
541: RosettaServer CASP ROLL R00185110,7863704/15/12
487: CASP ROLL Puzzle 1 6610,7944012/03/11
442: Slightly Constrained Exploration Puzzle Round 22331,3154607/29/11
441: De-novo Freestyle 103910,3553307/28/11
440: CASP9 Refinement Puzzle 8B with constraints3210,8153307/23/11


ContestRankScoreLast Played
Anyone Can Join (freestyle design 80)45/15910,11607/02/11


Junior Consultant - Retired
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Moving Up
Complete one thousand moves
Professional Mover
Complete ten thousand moves
Mover and Shaker
Complete one hundred thousand moves
Finish all of the 'Sidechains' intro puzzles
Backbone Packing
Finish all of the 'Backbone Packing' intro puzzles
Hydrogen Bonding
Finish all of the 'Hydrogen Bonding' intro puzzles
Hydrophobics and Hydrophilics
Finish all of the 'Hydrophobics and Hydrophilics' intro puzzles
Tools and Types
Finish all of the 'Tools and Types' intro puzzles
Finish all of the 'Sequences' intro puzzles
Protein Design
Finish all of the 'Protein Design' intro puzzles
More Molecules
Finish all of the 'More Molecules' intro puzzles
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