Global Soloist Rank: #16927
Global Soloist Score: 0

Soloist Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankBest ScorePointsLast Played
198: Quest to the Native 10: Mini-CASP 2410,2598309/28/09
199: Mini-CASP 339,4489309/28/09
197: Mini-CASP 3-Freestyle19,34910009/24/09
Duel Puzzle 1: Receptor18,468-09/19/09
196: Exploration Puzzle 1110,88610009/16/09
195: Cover the Ligand 2111,74410009/14/09
194: Freestyle 'til the server comes back98,9877709/09/09
193: Multi-start Refinement210,2109709/02/09
192: Cover the Ligand111,28610008/28/09
190: Mini-CASP 2c210,1199608/21/09
188: Mini-CASP 2a110,35510008/21/09
189: Mini-CASP 2b110,13010008/21/09
187: More Core Design110,15810008/19/09
186: Mini-CASP 2-Freestyle79,4927708/16/09
184: Freestyle Prediction 6069,1858208/14/09
185: Freestyle Design 60109,9096608/14/09
183: Protein-Protein Design5212,5871308/12/09
180: Mini-CASP 1b110,09210008/07/09
181: Mini-CASP 1c110,16710008/07/09
179: Mini-CASP 1a310,0959308/07/09
176: Quest to the Native 9110,69010008/04/09
178: Core and Tail Design210,2919508/03/09
177: Freestyle Design 80810,3197108/03/09
175: More Interface Design410,1028707/31/09
174: More Core Design111,40110007/29/09

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