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Recipe: wiggle by ones + score condition V1.96
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Name: wiggle by ones + score condition V1.96
ID: 1889
Created on: Tue, 10/20/2009 - 08:39
Updated on: Tue, 10/20/2009 - 15:39

themarquis' script , where I added score-conditional wiggle repeating, default condition is >.0002 difference per extra wiggle. Change it to your needs. Be careful with stopping!

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thanks crashguard for coming

thanks crashguard for coming up with a great mod to my script. using score as a conditional is a potential goldmine for foldit scripting.

a note for programming neophytes: in a conditional, we check something (in this case, the score) and see if it's increasing/decreasing/whatever we want it to be doing (crashguard has it set up so we see if the score has increased by a certain amount) then based on whether or not the condition is true, we do something.

so in this script, if the score is increasing (condition is true), continue to wiggle the protein. If the score is no longer increasing (condition is false) then don't do anything. Crashguard has set it up as a while loop so it just keeps looping around and around and around "while" the condition is true. The moment the condition becomes false, the loop stops.

It's pretty easy to see that there could be lots of other great scripts that use score as a conditional!

I may include your modification in my wiki tutorial if you don't mind!

Joined: 04/13/2009
Groups: Contenders

hmm ... I don't like the fact that it takes the first few words as a subject if you don't enter one : "thanks crashguard for coming". Sounds a little ... er ... strange, doesn't it?

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