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Recipe: Rebuild-Remix Selection 2.0
Created by Serca 139 80
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Name: Rebuild-Remix Selection 2.0
ID: 103403
Created on: Mon, 04/13/2020 - 14:53
Updated on: Mon, 05/18/2020 - 19:12

Allows to remix or rebuild a selection. Smart rebuild organization: optimized fast fuzes, and non-fuze ranking system for best performance. It scores the backbone of each rebuild found (ignoring clashing score). Low backbone score rebuilds are usually low scored after fuze, so fuzing only best sqrt(resultsCount) solutions. Simple dialog on script start to manage basic settings.

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Please report any bugs and ideas

Original Interface users don't worry: it allows you to make a selection of any length with a dialog on script start.

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Note: to potential users...

By "make a selection", it is not via mouse click, but by a Slider Option where you pick (ie your 'select') the Start and End segment numbers that you want to be worked on.

To find those numbers out, hover mouse over the first (Start) segment you want it to work on, and press the Tab key. In that window that pops up, the number at the top is the Start number. Move mouse to second segment, press Tab again, and that is your End number. :)

Also be aware that any puzzle that has a Locked target protein, will be unable to be remixed, but those segments are still part of the numbers. So, using puzzle 1824 as an example, if you run the recipe and let it go without changing anything, the defaults will be segments that can't move (therefore, cannot be remixed). In that puzzle 1-92 are Locked, where only 93-154 are what we can use.

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Joined: 02/03/2020
Groups: Go Science
Thank you Formula350. You are

Thank you Formula350.

You are right, Remix tool in Foldit don't works near the protein ends and cuts, because it needs some amino acid angles with its neighbors. Use Rebuild instead, it usually gives more points. Remix is good on searching solutions in the real protein database.

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