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Recipe: BandFuze v.1.6
Created by LociOiling 8 1
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Name: BandFuze v.1.6
ID: 102003
Created on: Thu, 04/07/2016 - 18:59
Updated on: Fri, 04/08/2016 - 01:59

Various types of banding. Each run does three types of banding with random CIs. The steps within a run may produce losses. v.1.5 adds TvdL-style filter toggling. v.1.6 attempts to fix scoring bug, reduces output a bit.

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corrects some scroring bugs

Version v.1.6 corrects a bug which may have caused the recipe to lose track of its high score. Please send logs if you see further instances of this behavior.

This version also adds a wiggle factor setting, and aligns the wiggle routine with the one used in TvdL Enhanced DRW 2.8.0.

By default, this version does not report the clashing importance at each step. Select the "verbose output" option to see all the CI settings.

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