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Recipe: BandFuze v.1.5
Created by LociOiling 8 1
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Name: BandFuze v.1.5
ID: 100801
Created on: Tue, 03/24/2015 - 20:03
Updated on: Wed, 03/25/2015 - 03:03

Various types of banding. Each run does three types of banding with random CIs. The steps within a run may produce losses. v.1.5 adds TvdL-style filter toggling.

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BandFuze with TvdL-style filter toggling

This version of BandFuze implements filter toggling similar to that in EDRW 2.8.0.

If turning filters off changes the score, the recipe asks whether to disable filters, and prompts for the maximum filter bonus.

This version also adds standard score reporting. Unlike EDRW 2.8.0, score reports are made with filters on, so there's no need to guess where things stand.

BandFuze loops forever, performing runs of four steps:

* Quake
* BiS
* Shock
* Tail Grab

These steps involve banding then wiggling with a random clashing importance. The more detailed score reporting in this version shows that each of these steps may produce a loss. At the end of each run, the recipe either continues with the new high score, or resets to the previous best, and tries again.

One open issue is that the options "Mutate once" and "Mutate always" do exactly the same thing. They may become just "Mutate" in a subsequent version.

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