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Expires: 10/27/17 18:00:00
Top Group: Go Science
Top Player: toshiue
Top Score: 8,639
Categories: Experimental
This small protein interferes with cellular adhesion and, consequently, clotting mechanisms. In this experimental puzzle you will have 250 moves at your disposal. Once you use them up, you can reset and try something else!
Expires: 11/30/17 23:00:00
Top Group: D001x Med Chem MOOC
Top Player: gurch
Top Score: 8,832
Categories: Beginner
We are giving you this Parabacteroides Distasonis protein as an extended chain. The native is shown as a guide on this puzzle, so try using everything you have learned in the Intro levels to match the native fold. Hints and details are posted in the puzzle comments. For players with fewer than 150 global points.
Expires: 10/24/17 23:00:00
Top Group: Beta Folders
Top Player: reefyrob
Top Score: 10,430
Categories: Overall, Prediction
The neuropeptide Y receptors are a group of human cell surface receptors found in the brain and digestive system, and are involved in regulating hunger and satiety. A better understanding of the neuropeptide Y receptors could allow scientists to better understand the diseases and disorders which involve misregulation of hunger and satiety. Treatment of obesity is the obvious example, but there are other disorders characterized by a mis-regulation of hunger (such as Prader-Willi syndrome). Chemotherapy is often associated with appetite suppression, so a treatment which can increase hunger could help reduce the dangerous weight loss sometimes seen in chemotherapy patients.
Expires: 10/31/17 23:00:00
Top Group: Beta Folders
Top Player: LociOiling
Top Score: 15,945
Categories: Design, Overall
Aflatoxins are a class of poisonous compounds that contaminate a significant portion of the global food supply. In this puzzle, players are challenged to redesign an enzyme that could break down aflatoxin molecules. The majority of the protein is frozen, with the aflatoxin ligand fixed in a binding pocket. Surrounding the binding pocket are a number of loops that might be redesigned without affecting the folding stability of the protein. In these loops, players may manipulate the protein backbone and mutate the residue sidechains. Redesign the loops of this protein to better bind the aflatoxin ligand!
Expires: 11/23/17 23:00:00
Top Group: Richard Dawkins Foundation
Top Player: gurch
Top Score: 8,664
Categories: Beginner
We are giving you this currently unsolved short protein as an extended chain. It has only 48 residues and we're posting it with no secondary structure predictions. For players with fewer than 150 global points.
Expires: 11/16/17 23:00:00
Top Group: Rice Biochemistry
Top Player: NEUR0TOXIC
Top Score: 8,691
Categories: Beginner
This small unsolved Arabidopsis protein only has 59 residues and negatively controls the biosynthesis of starch in plants and regulates leaf and seed composition. We are giving you 5 starts for this puzzle. Resetting the puzzle will cycle through these 5 Zhang server predictions. They are also in the Alignment Tool so you can use partial threading as well as an extended chain. For players with fewer than 150 global points.
Expires: 11/09/17 23:00:00
Top Group: Alpha Rays
Top Score: 10,898
Categories: Beginner
This is a small symmetric trimer design puzzle. A symmetric protein relies not only on how well folded each part is, but also on how well they interface together. Your changes will be reflected in the symmetric unit. Make sure you have completed Intro Puzzle 5-2, and 7-1 through 7-4. For players with fewer than 150 global points.
Expires: 11/02/17 23:00:00
Top Group: Void Crushers
Top Player: TheStaticSloth
Top Score: 8,919
Categories: Beginner
We are giving you a helix positioned over a hydrophobic groove where binding occurs in nature. You can mutate any residue on the helix but none on the native binding region. Try to look for favorable hydrophobic interactions in this groove while maintaining the helix. For players with fewer than 150 global points.
Expires: 10/30/17 23:00:00
Top Group: Gargleblasters
Top Player: Skippysk8s
Top Score: 10,684
Categories: Overall, Prediction
Chikungunya (CHIK-un-goon-ya) virus (also known as CHIKV) is a mosquito-transmitted alphavirus that has spread around the world and is currently infecting people in about 60 countries globally. CHIKV is rarely fatal, but causes severe joint pain for months to years that can debilitate affected patients for long periods of time. There are currently no known drugs to treat CHIKV infection, primarily due to a lack of understanding of the structure of CHIKV proteins involved in viral genome replication. The Geiss lab has worked on developing drug targeting the membrane bound CHIKV nsP1 protein, which is the anchor for the viral genome replication complex on cellular membranes and a multifunctional enzyme that forms a 5’ RNA cap structure on the end of the CHIKV RNA genome. Solving the structure of the CHIKV nsP1 protein would provide critical information for designing drugs that inhibit nsP1 function and abort viral genome replication.
Expires: 10/26/17 23:00:00
Top Group: Lakeland BIOC353
Top Player: maerlyn138
Top Score: 14,430
Categories: Beginner
In electron density puzzles, we give you some experimental data to help you find the correct fold. This data takes the form of an electron density, and appears in game as a guide. You can adjust the guide visualization by going to [Actions]>[Electron Density]. For players with fewer than 150 global points.
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