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Computer geek expanding my horizons

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As an active student at the Upper Arlington High School, and duely enrolled at the Columbus State Community College through College Credit Plus, I enjoy spending time with my friends and developing my skills in computer science. I am currently active in the UA Stand Project, #Equal UA, the new UA high school design steering committe, FEMA training, digital marketing and SEO development, and the Wharton Project.

I like meeting and developing connections with new people and connecting with both local and worldwide community members.

Updated 01/21/2018.

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A college student with too much time on his hands.

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I'm a Software Engineer and instructor. I know very little about biology--I didn't even take it in high school. I've learned a bit by reading and playing and talking to people.

I think this is a worthwhile effort, and try not just to get the best score myself, but help other people to do well, too. I'm proud to be the first person on foldit to get the Master Cook achievement. You can find my scripts by searching for 'tlaloc' within the list of recipes.

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Principal investigator Deep Space Network @ Home a BOINC project.

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I use recipes: Random Idealize Thanks mirp Banded Worm Pairs Thanks Bruno Kestemont Endless Squash v0.1 Thanks Susume

Banded Worm Thanks KarenCH

Fracture v2.1 Thanks MurloW Compress gently 8

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(Global Rank: #453 | Global Score: 57)

I'm currently an undergraduate at the University of Connecticut majoring in structural biology and biophysics. My career goals include researching pharmaceuticals for cancer, pathological and immunological disorders through intelligent drug design.

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Postdoctoral researcher at the Graduate Program in Computer Science (?PPGI), Federal University of Espírito Santo (?UFES), Vitória, Brazil. Ph.D. in Information and Communication Technologies - ICT / UNITN (Trento, Italy) - 2015 M.Sc. in Computer Science - PPGI / UFES (Vitória, Brazil) - 2010 B.Eng. in Computer Engineering - CT / UFES (Vitória, Brazil) - 2007 Linux User # 450564 Ubuntu User # 16176 Go Vegan!

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B.S. in Chemistry PhD Student/Graduate Teaching Assistant Biochemistry research

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(Global Rank: #852 | Global Score: 15)

I live in Slovakia, working as a graphic designer in Puchov. I am married and have a son Krystof.

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There's a story behind my name. I swear!

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