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(Global Rank: #2 | Global Score: 4137)

Four years folding as of 27 December 2016.

Played 643 puzzles as a soloist, with 36 first-place finishes, 19 second-place, and 33 third place.

Joined Beta Folders in December 2013, played 472 puzzles as an evolver, with 30 first-place, 56 second-place, and 31 third-place.

Briefly held #1 soloist and #1 evolver positions in late November/early December 2016.

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(Global Rank: #3 | Global Score: 3805)

B.S. in Biology Minors in Chemistry & Philosophy

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(Global Rank: #5 | Global Score: 3578)

semi-retired carpenter

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(Global Rank: #7 | Global Score: 3431)

I work as a training quality analyst for the USPS with a graphic arts and instructional design (scripting in Captivate and SmartBuilder using actionscript and javascript, coding in HTML) background. I discovered Foldit while researching gamification for web based training. After an abortive start back in 2014 (I was terribly frustrated by the tutorials on my first try), I took another gamification course in 2015 and came back for more. This time the hook stuck, and I have been folding proteins ever since.

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(Global Rank: #8 | Global Score: 3394)

I'm a retired Computer Systems Analyst after having worked in IT for 30 years.

Music and Foldit keep me reasonably sane. The challenge to continually improve at them keeps me focused.

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(Global Rank: #12 | Global Score: 3056)

Bio-engineer at the prehistory 30 years ago, I PhD recently on the opposite scale: the World's ecology and sustainable development indicators.

I find Foldit inspiring for the research process and it's link with development and what we call "technological lock in" in History: one step back, 2 steps forwards can help humanity to go out of the current unsustainable high carbon societies lock-in.

From the game point of view, I like evolving and scripting in order to learn what is a beautiful protein.

-Oct 2012: Joined L'Alliance Francophone -Apr-Sep 2013: rank 1 symmetric evolvers -May 2013: Joined Beta Folders -Nov 2013: first time our group solution further used in Science -Dec 2013: Came back to L'Alliance Francophone -Feb 2014: rank 2 evolvers (best rank ever: sym 1, overall 3, prediction 1, design 2, ED 3, CR 5, CASP 8, PC 7). -Apr 2014: lonesome soloist then, then founded the unconventional Soloists virtual group, then joined Go Science for the CASP11 race. We ended on rank 4. Nice to have many good evolvers there: this helps a lot for my solos. -May 2014: strange feeling beeing CASP11 solo n°1 after 5 puzzles (2 after 8 puzzles, 8 at the end). This encouraged me to concentrate on solos. -May 2014: Got Master soloists. -Aug 2014: Solo rank 10 -Oct 2014: prediction solo rank 1 !! -10 March 2015: Solo 2 (during 1 day !) -Best solo rank ever: 2 (Prediction 1, CASP11 2, overall 2, design 2, symmetry 2, PC 3, ED 6, HF 46). -Best Foldit contribution ever (Nov 2015): Solo 2 + Evo 3 = 5 (total rank = 1) -Sept 2016: Our group solution used in science (Nature paper)!

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(Global Rank: #14 | Global Score: 2777)

Information analyst. Background: degree in Mathematics and Computer science. C systems programmer a long time ago.

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(Global Rank: #15 | Global Score: 2466)

or my PC (capable of running ~5 clients) :)

Number of clients is limited by CPU, not Temperature due to efficient water cooling...

Windows 10 Pro 64bit CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K (Sandy Bridge) @ 4.6GHz CORSAIR Hydro Series H100 Liquid CPU Cooler (no noise, the best) MOBO: MSI Z68A-GD80G3 Graphics: GeForce GTX 680 2GB GDDR5 Ram: 16 GB SSD: 110GB for OS fast access (Programs and Data on HDs) HD: Sata3 (2x2 TB) plus a few more for backup and Foldit Offline HD: for Backups

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(Global Rank: #23 | Global Score: 1944)

I don't have a science background, but, most of the stocks I trade in are in the bio or stemcell sector. The premise of this game fascinates me. ;)

No trees were killed in the creation of this message. However, many electrons were terribly inconvenienced. ;)

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(Global Rank: #24 | Global Score: 1919)

I have 25 years of professional experience in IT, rewrote ray tracing software in x86 assembly language, built a 3d interface for LCD shutter glasses so I could play Descent stereoscopically in 1996, optimized Raistmer's SETI at home in SSSE3 assembly, created and sold computer art, wrote up and filed patents, trademarks, domains.

I like to push frontiers and discover new ones.

I have funded and built a series of workstations exclusively for use with Foldit, running 24/7 reaching a historical 25.000.000 moves on may 7th 2012 at 15:45 UTC. Just over a year later introduced a new achievement to honor breaking a new frontier, the 50 Megamoves limit:

I reached Global Soloist Rank #1 position for the first time on june 24, 2012 at 14:00 CET.

Contenders is my home and I feel happy being among like-minded souls who are passionate about what they do.

List of news related to puzzles we (all) worked on: Influenza cure:

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(Global Rank: #25 | Global Score: 1743)

Industrial organic chemist who has too much time on his hands, hence Foldit.

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(Global Rank: #27 | Global Score: 1581)

I have always been fascinated by computers and what they could do. My interest is within mathematics, telecommunication (Ph.D.), and data mining, the later is with a telecommunication company. More of my research could be found at ( That’s why I have found Foldit very interesting. All those combinations, impossible to get the correct answer intrigues me.

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(Global Rank: #28 | Global Score: 1562)

Retired 74

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(Global Rank: #37 | Global Score: 1166)

I've worked in the fields of architecture, auto-identification (barcoding), industrial design, and software publishing. I'm an inventor. I've always loved polyhedra and three-dimensional mathematical models.

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(Global Rank: #40 | Global Score: 1117)

I have recently shifted careers to become a high school educator. I am having fun in the trenches of urban education. My first (academic) love is enzyme catalysis, and my second is protein structure. I am learning to love motivating young people. Foldit exercises another part of my brain that teaching does not.

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