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968: Final CASP11 Target Ts812: Sparse Data Contacts
Status: Closed


Name: 968: Final CASP11 Target Ts812: Sparse Data Contacts
Status: Closed
Created: 08/12/2014
Points: 100
Expired: 08/17/2014 - 16:00
Difficulty: Intermediate
Description: For our last CASP11 puzzle, the CASP organizers have provided "sparse" experimental data about possible contacts in the protein. Contacts are scored with the Contact Map filter in this puzzle, and there is an upper limit of 7225 possible points from the filter. Secondary structure predictions from the SAM server have been delayed, but PSIPRED predictions are provided in the starting structure.
Categories: CASP11, Overall, Predicted Contacts, Prediction

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698 closed a year ago
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typo fixed


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Deadline amended

The expiration date for this puzzle has been reduced by one day in accordance with the CASP target deadline.

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Is this the last CASP puzzle?

Is this the last CASP puzzle?

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Yes, this is the last CASP11 puzzle!

The title and description have been updated.
(We were waiting on the final CASP11 target that was released today... but it's too big for Foldit)

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Extra puzzles

Just my opinion, but I don't feel that any more puzzles should be released until ALL the CASP puzzles are finished.

Just my $.02

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but as the final CASP puzzles start to close

we'd eventually only be left with 2 active puzzles (967 & 968).
Also, the final 4 CASP11 puzzles are all Contact Puzzles, and we try to provide some variety with our active puzzles.
969 isn't due until the 21st, so that gives you over 4 days to work on it if you decide not to start it until the last CASP puzzle closes.

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Both sets of contacts?

Have you included both Ts812 and Tc812 contacts in this puzzle?

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We've included both the Ts812 and Tc812 contacts in this puzzle.

We didn't run a puzzle for the Tc812 contacts alone because we didn't think they provided enough information to be helpful.

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final casp

I know that Fold-it can't set deadlines for CASP. There was so little time on this puzzle that I used a sub-optimal structure to start, and never used any end game scripts since the mid-game ones were still gaining points. (Sorry Madde -- that is why I could blow by this morning on points). It is hard for me to see how this scramble would be useful to CASP, science or anything else. I would like to have been able to work the puzzle right.
Perhaps when I have played longer, I might be able to work a puzzle the right way faster. But this struck me as a mad scramble for points even when I felt it was not a "good" solution. I don't feel like my solution did anything except boost team standings. While that might be fun, I'd like it to be something more.

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