foldit client knocks out random characters on Win 8 client

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Opened on:Tuesday, July 29, 2014 - 23:36
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On my Windows 8 system, the foldit client somehow randomly disables various letters and numbers in certain fonts and sizes.

As seen in the first image, on the puzzle list, "9", "8" "T", "0", "F", "W", "p", "D", "f" and "2" have been "shot out".

As seen in the second image, in chat, "X", "Y", "Z", "q", "`", "=", "^", "\", "|", ";", """ (double quote), "<", ">", and "?" have also "burned out".

I normally run several clients on this system, and similar problems occur on all of them. Oddly, the problem seems worse on the client pictured, which is used mainly for chat and sharing solutions. (Other clients may get restarted more often, however.)

In some cases, other aspects of the display are affected. Voids may appear as hollow spheres (image 4), and sidechains may only show the individual atoms without the connecting tubes (image 5 and 6).

The Win 8 system has AMD Radeon HD 7750 Graphics (image 3). The "Update Driver" function in the Device Manager says this driver is up to date.

Other programs running on the same system don't show any of these symptoms.

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I had a similar problem (maybe a bit more extreme) in 2009:

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I've upgraded the video drivers (from 8.x to 14.x!) at wbertro's suggestion. We'll see how it goes. Interesting interaction at the very least.

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running the same script in multiple clients

spmm made a comment to my suggestion about capturing recipe output. spmm gave me info to generalized it to cases where a person is running one of several tracks other than the default one.

spmm also said: If you are running the same script in multiple clients, it is I understand a good idea to use unique track names.

could this help people who have crashes or any other problems when running the same script in multiple clients?

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Old issue, probably bad display driver, closing.


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