933b Scores make no sense

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How is it possible to score higher in 933b than 933 if the points from filters have been reduced?

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The game starts each puzzle with a flat number of points for free, just to make the game more fun. In most puzzles this flat bonus is 8000 points; this allows us to try for scores in the 8000-12000 range, which are simply more fun to play for than scores in the 0-4000 range. In 933b it appears they increased this flat bonus to compensate for the filter loss and ensure that our scores would be higher than in 933. This prevents problems with evolvers having to make up the difference when a replacement puzzle scores lower than its original.

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That sounds like the proper explanation, susume. Thanks for clearing that up! We've had issues in the past where new puzzles scored lower, and our evolvers couldn't evolve solutions! 10000 points would load as 8000 and need an additional 2000+ (and the fold was already nearing endgame) which was more or less impossible.

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Closed, Thanks for the input


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