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After being away for quite a while because of school, i came back to fold it hoping to talk to my group about new releases and the like, however my chat in game isn't able to connect. Thinking something was amiss, i tried logging into the irc via an external client with my irc account and still i couldn't connect. It kept trying to connect and timing out as if the server wasn't even there. Could you try to help me get this back up. playing fold-it alone is not as fun.

I dont know whether this is an issue with my isp or firewall though i doubt first.

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It seems i can reach the server with a ping using cmd, so i think something must strictly be blocking the irc connection.

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Unfortunately, it looks like your ISP is blocking IRC traffic. Some ISPs do this because IRC is commonly used by botnets for command and control.

You could try asking your ISP to add an exception for Foldit.

Alternatively, you could try using a service like Mibbit to connect. Mibbit is an IRC client in your browser, and often works in this situation, since it acts as a form of proxy.

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Hi phallacies!

Please see this feedback ( - if you need more info, I'll try to get Sus to post it here. Hopefully this is your problem, and can be fixed.

Good to have you back :)

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phallacies - sorry, that likely isn't your issue, so please try this (there have been many server problems):

Close your clients. Log into foldit website. Go to "My Page" - click Edit on the right hand side - click IRC on the right hand side - check the box "Fix IRC Group Chat Permissions" and click "Save".

That may not work, but is worth a try.

Otherwise, please do as jflat suggested and log into chat using Mibbit so that we can possibly help you fix this - and at least get to chat with you!

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hey auntd, tried the fix permissions, and it gave me an error


Checking registration...
Your registration as phallicies seems ok.
Checking group association...
Attempt failed -- please try again in a few minutes.
The changes have been saved.


i'll try contacting isp tomorrow.

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I contacted my isp and they said they were not blocking it :/ I'm out of options for what to do. any more suggestions. And could you ask sus for more info on her post so i can try what she did?

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Router issue seemed to be the cause.



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