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908: 70 Residue Monomer Design: Weak Helices
Status: Closed


Name: 908: 70 Residue Monomer Design: Weak Helices
Status: Closed
Created: 06/04/2014
Points: 100
Expired: 06/11/2014 - 23:00
Difficulty: Intermediate
Description: This is a design puzzle with 70 residues. Similarly to Puzzle 898b, helices will not score as well as they normally do, and this time we've tweaked the Fragment filter to be less stringent. There are 3 filters enabled on this puzzle: the Residue IE Score monitors that all PHE, TYR, and TRP residues are scoring well; the Core Existence filter checks that at least 25% of the residues are buried in the core of your design; and the Fragment filter scans for parts of your design that are unlikely to fold up naturally. The Baker Lab will run folding predictions on your solutions for this puzzle, and those that perform well will be synthesized in the lab. Remember, you can use the Upload for Scientists button for up to 3 designs that you want us to look at, even if they are not the best-scoring solutions!
Categories: Design, Overall

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Why oh why

We are already streched to the limit with the CASP puzzles. So why give us a free design one not linked to a concrete science problem like the one we had a week ago.

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I agree. At the moment, we

I agree. At the moment, we have 6 intermediate or advanced puzzles running currently. If one were to play in both the solo and evolver competitions on each puzzle, it would equate to working on 12 puzzles concurrently.

As much as I'd love to play all of them, I just don't have the time or computer resources to devote to this many puzzles. And, to be honest, it's starting to feel less like an interesting pastime, and more like actual work.

A while back, I made a suggestion that may apply here:

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you don't have to do all of the puzzles

Also some people find CASP puzls, especially refinement, a bit dull and enjoy doing design puzzles. So why can't they have some fun?

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