How are group scores calculated?

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I have been unable to find a definitive answer to this, a plain English version to accompany the calc would be good :)

Bruno has provided the following calculation, which does't clarify what Rank is derived from.

'Based on their Rank when the puzzle closes' - ? How is this derived? is it the rank of players as evolvers, soloists, how many? should I be doing more evos to improve group rank?

As far as I remember, group scores are calculated following this formula:

Points = Max(1, RoundUp( ( 1 - (Rank - 1)/(NumGroups - 1) )^5 * X))

This formula gives the number of points that each group will earn at the end of a puzzle, based on their rank when the puzzle closes. These rank points are distinct from and not directly related to Score points.

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I think it is just the top scoring player on each team for that puzzle, whether evo or solo. Sort the teams by their single highest score on the puzzle and you have the team ranks on the puzzle.

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If memory serves me right, the group score is simply adding the most recent four months of points gained as each puzzle closes. I remember adding them up when my group was new. They added up to the group score on this page:

The score on the individual group page doesn't always match. It seems to take awhile to catch up.

Sorry it took me so long to remember that simple thing.

You can see the points gained for the group on each puzzle page after it closes.

One of the devs can correct me if I'm wrong. My group was started 6/30/12 and things may have changed since then.

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It's correct.

Then if you want more points for your group, you "only" need that your group be good ranked at the end of the puzzle (0.000001 point more than another group makes your group win it's rank). That means that the best strategy would be:

-you and your team members start a lot of solos and try to reach as much points as possible (during this period, your group will have the points of the best soloist of your team for this puzzle);

-the latest days, it's important that the best soloist solution of your team be shared to others. Ideally for the group, all the team members then concentrate on trying to evolving the soloist's best solution, and sharing any best solution found (the group will have the points of the best one, be soloist or evolved).

If I take puzzle 881, I see that your solo was the best score of your team, counting for your team at the end. Your best personal strategy was to concentrate all your resources on your soloist AND to regularly share your solution to your team. The best strategy for your team members was to try to evolve your shared solution, actually only concentrating on this one at the end. Statistically, it's more common that the evolvers finish with the highest score (and thus the score for the team). I observed that Void Crusher had few evolvers, only good soloists the latest times (I even considered joining you only to evolve your solutions when I had no group to go - I was invited before by my current group ...).

Ranking is the key. It means that if your group is close to other groups (a few points), it's exciting to help the group, working on its best shared solution, as an evolver (only the top soloist continue on his/her own solution). However, if your team is very far from the preceding group (say >200 pts difference), it suggests that your top solution has no potential. It's then better to concentrate on resetting and working on new various soloists solutions until a good potential one emerges. When evolvers are sticked, it occurs that the group is "saved" by an emerging new soloist solution.

Good luck folding, see you in the team competition !

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Thanks everyone, very helpful.
Spdenne and Mike always put points onto my solos when I am completly stucked. Fresh eyes for details and great evo skills as well.
Void Crushers are always looking for new players with a bit of experience and who like to play fairly regularly.

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