Session 7 - Black Belt Folding Postscript

This Wednesday, 11/6 at 12 noon Pacific (find your local time here), we'll be holding a special Black Belt Folding postscript session.

We will be replaying Madde's video, then broadcasting a presentation with drumpeter18yrs9yrs.

Edit: Thanks for coming out, everyone! Watch session 7 here and check out this figure from drumpeter's research:

(Tue, 11/05/2013 - 20:17  |  3 comments)
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Thanks madde and drum

Great video madde :D
Drum, fascinating stuff! You could try to use a beginner puzzle, even though you won't get points they are perhaps open long enough for you to get a few 'runs' of the experiment in.
Very interesting research project and well documented. It wasn't quite clear to me how you determined how many cuts to make, and if you had examined or compared results of a small number of cuts versus a large number. Have you found that simply having a larger number of cuts improves your score? Anyway thanks again for sharing your work, and congratulations.

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Thanks spmm

It doesn't matter if the puzzle has expired. you're right. I didn't make that very clear and I'm sorry. Figuring out how many trials and the maximum number of cutpoints to close was hard. some of it was determined by time. sometimes it would take 1-5 hours to stop gaining points in the thousandths. I tried several things. I tried having a cutpoint per two segments but that didn't really work. plus it was hard to keep track of which cutpoints I had closed in the previous trial. this chart shows how I tried to make 20 trials, but failed. I wanted to show where I failed and where I soared.

Another graph/chart will replace this soon.

I just want to thank all the developers and the creators of the game for making this game such an amazing experience.

Remember: This half of the project only scratches the surface. I'm guessing the full project will be finished in five months minimum.

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Tx drum

It is an amazing game and I would also like to thank the creators, developers, testers and communicators, the scientists are a bit picky, but what can you expect?
Contest frame may also be useful for you, and I'm sure folders would be prepared to chip in some time and a few electrons to run some of your ideas.
There are some stunning programmers lurking around, they may be able to make your data collection simpler, just ask.
All the best. And again thanks for sharing your ideas and results so far.

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