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I've twice had tracks change unexpectedly with the latest devprev client in the original interface.
The tracks window has not been open at the time.
The first time, I think I tried dragging a sidechain to reposition it, and instead the sidechain did not light up or move, but an entirely different track (of the same puzzle) appeared.
The second time, I was trying to freeze a sidechain.

Then the next click to open the tracks window (in order to change back) did nothing, and the second click opened it.

I suspect that the tracks window, though not visible, still received the click event. The location where I was trying to work with sidechains would have been around the right place to change tracks had the tracks window been visible.

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I think I have the same bug today for the first time. I used multiple clients working on different tracks on the same puzzle. I was working in the third client (a "secondary" client without chat) in selection mode. I noticed that sometimes turning the camera didn't work. Then suddenly the track changed. All hints pointed towards an "invisible" track window. If I clicked into it's area, I couldn't turn the camera and instead clicked into the invisible track list. I can work around the problem my opening a visible track window and then moving it to the side (I can confirm that it needs two clicks to actually open the track window - the first click seems to close the invisible one, the second one opens a visible one). This seems to replace the invisible track windows then. But if I close the visible track window, the invisible one causes trouble again. I need to keep it open to be able to play properly currently.

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Were you two working on 799? I am having all sorts of problems with including Track.

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I was working on 797, seems unrelated to the puzzle.

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You can see the word "Default" in the background - I think its default Track - in the attached jpeg

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In Selection Interface; if u hit 'C', twice, to bring up the cookbook and close it again, while a script is running and then cancel the script (or it ends on it's own), the cookbook will be invisible but clickable. Only recipe names show up, dividers and borders are all invisible, yet usable (open/close dividers, move around cookbook,..). Always, every puzzle, as far back as I remember ever opening cookbook during script. Auntdeen said it could be related to this feedback.

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MurloW posted this info in our group room but had to leave before adding here - he said he was able to reproduce the track bug:

Switch tracks while undo tab is open, close everything but main menu, switch puzzles, do everything with hotkeys in selection interface.

Undo tab is open again on it's own, and the tracks window is invisible except for clickable track names.

Which is very hard to see on white background, but black is fine.

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I had the same bug and also the bug with track windows reported here

Same solution: close the windows (C) open it again (C) and it becomes normally visible.

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Has anyone had these issues running Linux or on a Mac?


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Mike is Mac :)

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I am getting this bug on puzzle 803 now; its almost impossible to work.

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A work around that is working for me to to make the Track box visible and leave it on screen.

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It's my impression that these bugs and the one in Timo's feedback http://fold.it/portal/node/996153 started right after the 'remember boxes' feature was added. It seemed to be remembering positions just fine, but not remembering if boxes were closed, or not re-opening boxes that were closed implicitly by track/puzzle/UI mode changes.

I'm pretty sure I don't see any of these bugs in Original UI. I remember having an invisible box, maybe a cookbook, once, but I was probably ducking into selection mode for a quick test of something.

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Yeah - I can make out the subtle dark grey on black now, and it sometimes appears when changing from normal interface to selection interface.

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See also http://fold.it/portal/node/996470

The ghost window problem seems to occur when something messes up the "h" (height) keyword for a particular dialog in options.txt. For example, "behavior_options/h" : "88" causes the behavior options dialog to be folded over itself.

I've made this happen for behavior and view options on a fresh install.

A workaround is to close the client, update the "h" keyword with healthy values, and restart the client.


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