Ability to Save my Structure Changes?

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Sorry if this functionality already exists - I don't think it does, so here goes:

Especially for Hand folding, but also quite often for normal puzzles, I make structural changes. During the course of hand folding, I often set the structure back to All Loops to get a better control of behavior during wiggles. Problem is that when the Score goes higher than the best score with the All Loops structure, I then need to manually go back and put all my previous structure changes back! Heavy waste of time.

Is it possible to have the ability to Save the Current Structure, and then later Retrieve it? Just what each Segment is, not the actual scores, etc.

I know some recipes already do this (Timo's are good examples) but that doesn't help for Hand Folding.


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Hi Stomjoh, there are actually hotkeys in the game for this function.

CTRL-SHIFT-9 will save your current structures.
CTRL-9 will load them again.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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if you have saved a solution, you can load this solution, save the structure, undo and load the structure to your current state

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Excellent! Thanks, you two

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