Player with more than 150 global points top rank in Beginner puzzles

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How does a player with 773 global points hold the top position in Beginner only (<150 pts) puzzles?

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Once you started a beginner puzzle with less than 150 points you can continue to play it even when you exceed the limit. Those puzzles last for 7 weeks, so plenty of time to get global points between start and expiration date.

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How does this apply to someone who has been playing for over 5 years? Which happens to be the person who holds most of the top spots on beginner puzzles.

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I agree that this is confusing. The player in question had taken a break for several months, which had resulted in his global soloist score dropping below 150 points. This gained him access to the beginner puzzles.

We are looking into changing the eligibility criteria for the beginner puzzles so that situations like this do not happen.

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Thanks for your response. It really isn't a big deal. kinda gives you an idea of how much better your scores can be with experience. In the end we are all here to hopefully have a chance to help make the world a better place.

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There are at present 6 beginner puzzles and only 2 puzzles players over 150 pts can play and get pts for.
Looks like beginners are valued 3 times as much as any veteran player
Or there are no more important proteins to solve as we keep getting old puzzles and the same puzzles over and over again - and only 2 at a time

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But if the only way to get the variety and number of puzzles available only to beginners is to drop out for a few months till score drops below 150 - well I think that sounds like a plan


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