Serious Bug in 779

Case number:699969-995946
Opened by:auntdeen
Opened on:Wednesday, September 18, 2013 - 03:59
Last modified:Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 23:01

If you share to yourself an evo score from 772, then load into 779 it shows up as a solo score, not an evo score.

Although that's the worst of it, going into 772 to retrieve any score and share to yourself is also very messed up, the scores show in the 1800s rather than real score.

And loading your own evo from 772 that is already, originally in the 779 list comes on board as a cleared evo, no points needed.

All on Mac 10.7.5 running Main.

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Am having the score issues on solo and group play and am running dev preview on Windows 8.


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Sorry. Need to change type to bug.

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Because of this bug I suggest this puzzle must be closed and all scores discarded.
And reopen a new one where solutions of this puzzle can not be used.

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Can you give me a list of the exact steps you're doing in order to reproduce this? I have tried loading 772 evos into 779, and they always still show up as evo.

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puzzle was closed and hopefully this has been fixed with Puzzle 787 and will no longer occur


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