Easy "training" ED?

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Opened on:Friday, September 6, 2013 - 17:39
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Are there any easier Electron Density puzzles around to practice with?

Further, I'd suggest that we could add a "selection" tool, perhaps a sphere, which would limit the visible Density Field to the selected area (culled by the same options, as requested). I am distracted by the Density Field in the background, or when the protein makes a sharp turn, it will overlap very closely to the foreground.

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+1 on having an easier one to practice on.

Don't forget you can hover the mouse over a segment and press shift-Q to trim the view to the plane that segment is in. Q restores to full view. You can also use Shift+Ctrl+drag down or up on the background to change the depth of field.

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The early ED puzzles with synthetic cloud were quite easy to fold, they would be good for an optional tutorial level.


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