Let's Foldit! - Episode 3

UW Bioengineering graduate student Aaron Chevalier shares the ins and outs of testing protein designs in the Baker Lab and details about his current work with flu inhibitors. Kaylene Stocking guest hosts. A transcript of Episode 3 is now available.

Read a transcript of Aaron's Scientist Chat.
Listen to past episodes of Let's Foldit.

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( Posted by  katfish 61 2133  |  Fri, 08/16/2013 - 18:50  |  5 comments )
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I can see this also being interesting as a video as well. Kind of like watching the radio. Could this be a potability? Maybe it's more boring as it sounds. I don't know.

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Where is the link to the

Where is the link to the video/audio ? I just see a grey box with a non-clickable SOUNDCLOUD logo .

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There's the link:

There's the link: https://soundcloud.com/folditgame/lets-foldit-episode-3

Neat idea, drumpeter. It's definitely something I can explore.

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transcripts for earlier episodes

Here's a .TXT transcript for episode #2

Here's a .DOC transcript for episode #1

(If the above link for the .DOC file doesn't work you can bring it up by searching for |Kate Fisher| in the search box on foldit's main page, it came up as the 3rd hit for me)

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how to synthetize secundary structure?

Thanks Chevalier for this interesting episod. I understand that with aa sequence, its's possible using DNA etc to synthetize a protein, but how do you give it the right 3D structure starting from our best results ?

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