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( Posted by  katfish 115 4677  |  Sat, 08/03/2013 - 00:03  |  13 comments )
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Partial threading. I know HOW

Partial threading. I know HOW to do it (mostly), but do not know how to use it in an advantageous way.

And how to get the Residue IE bonus. I usually end up with the "There are 0 residues that are scoring too low." message. Mildly annoying.

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On the IE bonus

You get the bonus of 50 pts if you dont have any of the 3 big hydrophobics Tryp, Tyr and Phe.

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that helps

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Yes, I agree with both,

Yes, I agree with both, Silverberg. Also, why not something about denovo, or even the symmetry denovo?

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i have saved gallery, but i cant seem to save save to public. I could use a some education on gallery puzzles.

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There's more I'd like to see,

There's more I'd like to see, but here's the thing:-

You don't really want to cover basic techniques, as this would seem to duplicate the tutorials. On the other hand, advanced techniques from team players could be considered as a transgression of those teams, unless those teams are willing to share. But that's a whole other ball of wax.

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partial threading would be at

partial threading would be at the top of my list,

also advanced techniques like how to use cup points

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Threading/alignment puzzles.

Threading/alignment puzzles. Also secondary structure prediction...

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intermediate or advanced techniques.

Advanced uses: banding, cutpoints, low ci, mutating, partial threading, manual rebuilding. Advanced ways to use edit boxes of scripts. Finishing techniques. For now....

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I would love to see how other people approach the denovo puzzles, especially when restricted to only using GUI scripts.

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Thanks for all the great

Thanks for all the great ideas.

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Also, how to fix scoring problems in segment info. I.e hiding, packing etc.

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Loop wrangling

Be great to see how people do this properly. I can see where I want them to go but they are too stiff to move directly to the (plausible) position, even at low CI.

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