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748: CASP ROLL R0039: Hand-folding Round
Status: Closed


Name: 748: CASP ROLL R0039: Hand-folding Round
Status: Closed
Created: 07/17/2013
Points: 100
Expired: 07/25/2013 - 13:00
Difficulty: Intermediate
Description: We are giving you another currently unsolved protein with no homologs as an extended chain. This round only GUI scripts are allowed and sharing has been disabled. After this puzzle expires, the puzzle will be re-posted and LUA scripts and sharing will be allowed. You'll be able to load in your solutions from this puzzle and use scripting and sharing. The secondary structure predictions are provided on the starting model, with more details posted in the puzzle comments.
Categories: CASP ROLL, Hand-Folding, Overall, Prediction

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This protein comes from the organism: Staphylococcus aureus

Here is the sequence logo predicted by the SAM server:

H = helix
E = sheet
C = loop (or coil)

The taller the letter at each position, the higher the probability of that specific secondary structure for that amino acid.

For example, the Valine at residue 76 is highly predicted to be part of a sheet. However, the Valine at residue 106 is weakly predicted to be in a helix!

The above predictions are already on the starting model (based on the horizontal lines in the above figure).


If you are a new Foldit player, please make sure you have completed all these tutorials before trying this puzzle:
- lonely sheets,
- lock and lower,
- rebuild,
- structure and rebuild,
- control over clashing.

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Additional info about this CASP ROLL target:

Here is the CASP link for this target (showing the amino acid sequence):

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