Won't Restore Credit Best After a BSOD

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Running Win7

Frequently have BSOD's due to incompatibilities with video card, which is painful enough, and I put up with it. However, after my most recent BSOD crash, puzzle 745 will not restore my Credit Best (currently seen in the puzzle as 10,866). It started out at the puzzle's Starting Score as the Credit Best.

See screenshot after performing a WiggleAll... you'll see that it says "Restored Credit Best" but the Score is 10,181.379. But if you look closely to the right you'll see that the "Current" score shows 10181... and to the right of that is my actual Credited high score, 10866.

Since I got to 10866 mostly through DAYS of hand folding interspersed with some scripting, I would very much appreciate if this got fixed immediately.

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Not sure if you have tried going into Open share solutions and clicking the 'show auto saves' box, it may be in there. You need to be in the track that you used to get the high score. Also most of us have learned the hard way to save manually as well.

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OK, well... I haven't had to use the "save early save often" technique since Windows 95 :-) I would have thought that programming techniques would have advanced in 28 years time. Anyway, here's some more information on this and may help you find the root cause of the problem:

Puzzle 773 --- I have a high score of 10111 on the Default track. I then Reset the puzzle and created a new Track. The reason being that I didn't want the high score to show up on the new track. After doing this BOTH tracks are reset with the high score being the lowest possible starting score on each track! Now I can't get back to the Credit Best on either track.

Creating a new track from the starting point shouldn't blow away the high score on the Default track.


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