Frozen cutpoint on 741 ED and buggy wiggle

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I have a section from 29 gly to 35 ala (using alignment 2la7a) that has a frozen cutpoint on the alanine end. In .2 CI the section just swings back and forth.

I closed the client, reopened and this is the result when wiggling that section in 1.0 CI:

I've uploaded for scientists.

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Sorry, was laughing so hard I forgot to say this is in Main, updated this evening, Mac OS 10.7.5

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Okay - not funny now but really exasperating...

I just had the same thing happen in puzzle 738 (uploaded for scientists). I do keep backup clients and opened one to see if I got the same behavior - and I did. Sigh.

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And since I had the old client out, it seemed to me that wiggle is very slow in the update.

I tested it by having the exact protein up at the exact score, and did a GUI blue fuse. And sure enough, the new client took literally twice as long to run.

Hand folding gets many players bored enough... hand folding with wiggle taking twice as long is painful...

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the new wiggle has an unusual behaviour.
The step 1 is very short, then a very long but very effective step 2.
did I understand that some players found that odd step and even ones are not the same?
This feedback describe part of the behaviour:
It should be good to understand a little more this new wiggle in gui and in scripts.


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