A big welcome to our new tester!

Please join me in welcoming the newest member of our team, Nicky! He'll be our game tester for Foldit as well as other Center for Game Science titles here at UW and was kind enough to answer a few Q&A's so we can all get better acquainted.

Welcome! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name's Nicholas Chapman (or Nicky C to those who get to know me.) I've lived in the Pacific Northwest for my entire life, and wouldn't have it any other way. I've been working in game testing for almost six years now and never imagined I would wind up working at a major University. My primary interests are video games, Basketball, cooking and reading.

What kind of games do you like to play?
I primarily play games that involve teamwork and strategy. So League of Legends (my primary focus) and Starcraft 2 style games. But I also enjoy games that are just "fun" at their core, like Borderlands 2 (YAY TINY TINA) and Left 4 Dead stuff. Not being able to play with my friends is usually a large deterrent for me. There is also of course, the ever dangerous MMORPG. I was raised on the original Everquest. The one thing stays the same in all of these games is that I like playing a supportive role. I approach every game like I'm John Stockton looking to dish out assists all day.
-Related note: Number one game of all time is Baldur's Gate 2 + Throne of Bhaal. You don't get better video game voice acting than Jon Irenicus and Minsc.

What is your Foldit username and have you had a chance to try Foldit yet?
My Foldit username is NickyCGS. I've gotten to spend a fair amount of time getting familiar with and playing Foldit. For everything learned, I find five more things I still don't know yet. As I get more acquainted with it, I find myself going home and playing it in addition to my usual games.

Awesome! Any fun facts you want to share about yourself?
As for fun fact about me... the closest thing I can think of is that I can remember the name and face of everyone I've worked with since I started working ten years ago. Or that I read at six pages a minute in a relaxed state.

Welcome again, Nicky. We're happy to have you!

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