Script edit boxes now appearing too low now.

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After the recent implementation, the script edit boxes are no longer appearing centered but somewhat lower in the screen. This means that we have to grab the box and pull it up a bit in order to be able to click on start or page commands. Just an extra click, I know but every saved click helps with hand pain; and this wasn't happening before.

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This happens with all menus on maximizing the window. I reported:

Is this the same issue?

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I use original interface and always have a maximized window so I don't know if the issues are related. I have only noticed the problem in the past month(?), not in April almost certainly, and only in the edit boxes to scripts. They used to pop up in the center of the screen but now are appearing far enough below the center so that the activation tabs cannot be selected unless one drags the window up so they are exposed.


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