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Beginner Puzzle: Mini Arabidopsis Multi-Start Puzzle
Status: Closed


Name: Beginner Puzzle: Mini Arabidopsis Multi-Start Puzzle
Status: Closed
Created: 06/20/2013
Points: 0
Expired: 08/08/2013 - 23:00
Difficulty: Beginner
Description: This small unsolved Arabidopsis protein only has 59 residues and negatively controls the biosynthesis of starch in plants and regulates leaf and seed composition. We are giving you 5 starts for this puzzle. Resetting the puzzle will cycle through these 5 Zhang server predictions. They are also in the Alignment Tool so you can use partial threading as well as an extended chain. This version of the puzzle is designed for veteran Foldit players to help new players and is worth 0 global points.
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Zero points? Seriously?

Zero points? Seriously?

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"...and is worth 0 global points."

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Just a quick clarification --

Just a quick clarification -- You don't need to actually play the 0 point puzzles, and we aren't necessarily expecting you to! It's simply there as a reference in case you find yourself helping someone new to Foldit.

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but foldit goes under the

but foldit goes under the heading 'game science'.

A game is a competition - any competition is usually settled by points of some sort. So if there are no points (or equivalent) then it no longer qualifies as a game - QED

Sorry - I misunderstood - this is a reference exercise. *facepalm

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To resolve this in future Beginner Puzzles...

we have replaced this version of the puzzle with a Gallery Mode version:

Here is the first example: http://fold.it/portal/node/995508

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