Cannot load Puzzle 714 at all

Case number:845829-995217
Opened by:Angus
Opened on:Saturday, May 25, 2013 - 18:09
Last modified:Wednesday, June 5, 2013 - 16:01

Attempting to play Puzzle 714 crashes the client immediately every time. Tried many fresh starts, using both main and devprev (apparently the same, since no updates downloaded).

Other puzzles load and play OK.

Win XP

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It is loading now.

I had played this previously, last time on 5/11 . I had to remove all old files for this puzzle from the foldit folder to get it to load again.

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On a new Mac, never played anything, I have the same problem with puzzle 714

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bruno.kestemont, on a new Mac with a fresh new client it crashes immediately when you try to load 714 every time?

I thought it might be the same problem others have had with this puzzle:

but that was a Windows-specific bug (as was this one:

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Crashing is back again opening 714.

Deleted all files related to puzzle 995108.

Started fresh client, crashes after selecting puzzle 714 from list, never loads completely.


About to show the puzzle screen...
Trying to get the puzzle list...
Loading cache...
core.fragment.picking_old.vall.vall_io: ... done. Read 50000 lines. Time elapsed: 3 seconds.
core.fragment.picking_old.vall.vall_io: Prior library contained 0 sections totaling 0 residues.
core.fragment.picking_old.vall.vall_io: Added 268 sections to library totaling 50000 residues.
Reading in vall_torsions file: cmp-database-d307e85ec238a4ac27572d7542489651\database\chemical/rna/1jj2.torsions
Lines read from vall_torsions file: 2754
Parsing puzzle URL...
Parsing contests...
Parsing macros...
Saving the cache...
Parsing level completion...
Initting the list...
Got the puzzles...
Finished show_puzzle_screen...
has key .density
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: Loading Density Map
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: Setting resolution to 3A
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: atom mask to 3.2A
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: CA mask to 6A
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: Read density map'0000995108.ir_puzzle.density'
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: extent: 93 x 83 x 67
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: origin: 0 x 0 x 0
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: altorigin: 0 x 0 x 0
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: grid: 93 x 83 x 67
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: celldim: 53.7735 x 47.9914 x 39.6353
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: cellangles: 90 x 90 x 120
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: crs2xyz: 1 x 2 x 3
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: symBytes: 0
MINMULT: 2 2 2
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: max_del_grid =1.5
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: Density map stats:
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: min = -2.60996
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: max = 8.71731
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: mean = -0.00432873
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: stdev = 0.628753
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: CoM = 44.5433 , 38.2589 , 30.3255
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: xform = 29.7778 , 41.5618 , 39.6353
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: efforig = 0 , 0 , 0
has key .owts_patch
protocols.evaluation.ChiWellRmsdEvaluatorCreator: Evaluation Creator active ...
has key .opdb
core.scoring.electron_density.FastDensEnergy: Creating new one-to-all energy container (96)
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: Resizing 93x83x67 to 190x168x136

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That "Resizing ..." line was the last line in the log when switching to an ED puzzle was causing my client to crash - see - might be the same problem (although mine is no longer crashing).

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No, I found mine is linked with the generic linguistic (french) version problem

So, this one could be linked only to Windows as you thought.


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