Another type of hang?

Case number:845829-995081
Opened by:auntdeen
Opened on:Friday, May 3, 2013 - 16:28
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I have been playing 705, and the client often hangs for 30 seconds - a minute. I've heard others say the same thing.

Just now in one of those hangs, I noticed while watching chat that my client had left the room - but still hadn't crashed.

It was terminally hung, so I needed to force quit. The end of the log is here:

[{"OperationID":"SetPlayerPuzzleScores","Value":[{"Status":"Success","PuzzleID":995073,"ScoreType":"score"},{"Status":"Failed","PuzzleID":995073,"ScoreType":"group_score","ErrorCode":"InvalidScoreType","ErrorString":"Score type of group_score is invalid."}],"CorrelationID":19791}]
SetPuzzleScore Error: InvalidScoreType: Score type of group_score is invalid.
SRVR_THRD sending play event log...
Couldn't quit: Illegal operation for this state (/Users/folditbuilder/foldit/mini-interactive-main-release/rosetta_source/xcode_4/../src/game/util/

Mac OS 10.7.5

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Also on 507 yet another kind of hang:
Just normal logging lines and then: (There was a selection active)

ERROR: In SelectionTool, Tweak widget is busy when nothing is selected
ERROR:: Exit from: ..\..\..\rosetta_source\src\interactive\application\shared\exp\ line: 954
ERROR: Rosetta exit unexpectedly

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Since there's nothing new on this, I conclude that the other fixes solved the issues. Please reopen if this is not the case.



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